Have you been to the mall recently? Did you notice any item you will love to buy and the exact store where you saw the item? Chances are you can describe the product, the store and the location of that store. For years, we have enjoyed the view of seeing products displayed in malls and on the streets. Although that experience will not be ending soon, a new experience is taking over. The new trend is to get your business online

There are over 4 billion internet users in the world as of 2019 and over 123 million people in Nigeria use the internet (Internet Data). Consequently, the growth in internet users has led to a disruption of the traditional market where shoppers have to go to a physical store to purchase an item. As a result, about 25% of the world population shop online, spending up to $2.3 trillion in 2017. The presence of businesses online has continued to grow and won’t stop, therefore it’s left for you to tap into this avenue and improve your sales. Will you take the chance?

Operating a business without some form of online presence is one of the top mistakes that cause businesses to fail in Nigeria. I explained the other important reasons in this post. In the meantime, let’s get into how to get your business online, read carefully, and after that sign up to receive the next post in your mailbox.


Getting your business running online is pretty straightforward if you follow my directions. You don’t need a lot of tools or money to start. However, you can always grow bigger later.

  • Start with Social media
  • Online advertisements
  • Content creation
  • Influencer marketing
  • Get a simple but professional website

Get your business online: SOCIAL MEDIA

Use social media to get your business online
Your customers are waiting for you online

Social media is the cheapest and fastest way to get your business running online and social media profile is the first thing you should set up for your business. There are several options to choose from and each one has it’s pros and cons. But good thing is that you already have your audience waiting for you and you don’t have to build anything other than your profile. Thus you also won’t need to maintain the site or update anything more than your posts and adverts. So where should you start? Keep the data below in mind, it shows the most popular social media platforms in Nigeria as of October 2019, according to StatCounter.



This is the most popular social media platform worldwide. If you plan to sell anything or offer your services online, you can’t overlook Facebook. The powerful platform allows you to advertise your products, upload your content in many formats and build an audience that buys from you. However, it takes a combination of consistent uploads of content and Facebook advertising to get this right. Further, Facebook allows you to target your potential customers by location, age, gender, profession, and any other information they have provided online. For example, did you know that you can create advertisements on Facebook to target people who have their birthday next month? or even those with an upcoming wedding or anniversary? That’s how powerful Facebook is.


Instagram comes closely after Facebook and has similar adverts features, however, It is more visual-based than other social media platforms. It requires that you regularly upload visual contents like pictures, infographics, posters, and shorts videos. In the meantime, you can start with a good phone camera and a decent graphics designer to help you make beautiful posters. After that, you can link your Instagram and Facebook accounts easily and also use hashtags to get your posts more visibility on the platform. In addition, you can create targeted adverts to get more customers and broaden your audience. Above all, get your friends to like your posts, leave comments and share them.

Upload your products on Instagram


Savage content is probably the first thing you think of when you think of Twitter, itis a popular platform in Nigeria for the comments and posts created on it. But beyond the fun and jokes, it is a very useful tool to make money on your hustle. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, you can create targeted ads on Twitter which could be displayed in several places such as the trend list, on the timeline, and under related posts. Nigerians on Twitter also help each other by retweeting (sharing) business tweets so a wider audience can see your posts. In the same vein, influencers also give your business visibility by allowing you to advertise under their posts. As a result, thousands of people will see your content and engage you. Sign up on Twitter, ignore the savagery and focus on making yourself some money. 

Need help with and of the following?
– Social Media Profile creation
– Poster design
– Content creation
– Online advertisement

Get help here


Have you ever seen adverts when you search a particular phrase on Google? Or have you noticed that some adverts on websites that seem to meet exactly what you need? This is a targeted online advertisement that brings your content directly to people who are potential customers. The good thing about this is that you can run online adverts based on your budget instead of having a hefty sum at the beginning. In other words, you can set a daily budget limit and decide how much you want to spend for the whole campaign. In addition, you monitor and measure if your advertisement is working.

How do you pay for this type of advert? You can choose to pay based on how many people see your adverts (CPM) or based on how many people click your adverts (CPC). Both of these forms of paid online advertisements have merits and demerits, I will talk more about how to properly use them in one of my upcoming posts, click here to get my post when they drop.


Content creation is exactly what the title says it is – creating content. You create content to attract an audience first and then convert them to customers. The content you create depends on the products you advertise, it also has to be suited to your target audience. Specifically, use age, gender, economic status, employment status, location, profession and any other parameter to decide which type of content to create. For example, if you sell hair products, you could write tips on types, styling and maintenance hair. This will certainly attract people who are interested in hair, and they are the exact people who will buy your products. Really, the logic behind content creation is that you are adding value to your audience, and as a result, they are likely to buy from you.


You rely on people to tell others about your products and help you get new customers, similarly, you can have influencers tell others about your products. Influencers are people who have large numbers of followers on social media. These followers are willing to take recommendations from their favorite influencers. As a result, products endorsed by influencers reach a large audience who are likely to make an enquiry about the product and purchase it. Furthermore, the trick is to find an influencer whose followers are your target audience. For instance, If you sell feminine products, it is better to get an influencer with plenty of female followers to market it.



Get professional website design

A simple but professional website. Before telling you how to use a website, it’s important I let you know that simplicity and professionalism are key.

You can do a lot with social media but there is always a limit. On the contrary, having your own website gives you the chance to make it look exactly how you want it. Besides, you can do a whole lot more with a website. What are the benefits?

  • You can completely control what happens on your site.
  • A website gives your business more credibility.
  • Accept payments through your website.
  • You can better tell your story with your site
  • You advertise your business better
  • Display your previous work
  • Your website is protected in case the social media has security issues like hacker attack

Modern customers expect your business to have a website, especially if you’re targeting young people of the computer generation.

How much does it cost to have a website built for you? In addition, where can you find a professional website designer to work with? I can tell you for free that you’re in the right place at the right time. HERE is where you will find the relevant information you need to get yourself an affordable website. Specifically, that link takes you to a page where you’ll get connected with professional services that will help your business grow in many ways.


In conclusion, getting your business online is a necessity, not an option if you have big plans for your business. Further, it is really easy and affordable to do and should be done. With this in mind, if it has to be done, it should be done right. IF you have questions, kindly leave a comment.

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